How many diapers do I need?

That will depend on how often you want to do the diaper laundry, and how often your baby wets.
Some babies wet a lot at once, and fewer times a day, while other babies wet a little many times a day. 

For best results we suggest 9-12 SoftBums Echo, or Omni Shells, and 24-36 SoftBums absorbent Snap-in Pods.  

With our All-in-2 systems you will be saving quite a bit of money because you can reuse your Shells by simply replacing the wet Pod with a clean one. If baby poos, you'll want to change the whole diaper.  

Smaller babies poo more often, so you'll want to have at least 5 Shells per day for a newborn. Less for older babies.

Before calculating cost and quantity, be aware that most parents do not buy all their diapers at once, but get enough to do cloth Part-time, or enough to wash every day.  Then as they get more used to the system, come back and buy more Pods/Inserts, or Shells.   You also need to realize that very few people want to be chained to the washer, and do not do laundry every day. Most
parents do laundry every other day or every 3rd day . You’ll need enough to cover your baby’s bum every day that you don’t want to do laundry, plus add a few extra in for emergencies, diaper bag etc.

You'll need about 5-8 Shells per baby per day, and 2-3 Pods per shell depending on the age of your baby.  Older babies wet less frequently, but need more absorbency for night.

Our Good To Go Pack is a great place to start.  It contains 9 Echo Shells and 18 SUPER Pods.  This will give you 18 - 36 changes which should be enough to wash every other or every 3rd day.  If you will be using the Omni Pocket Diaper, you will want to get closer to 24 shells, since once it has been used as a pocket, you cannot re-use the shell.