While SoftBums are made to last, please remember that reusable diapers are a garment and like any garment are worn down with every use, every wash cycle and every dryer cycle. Like any garment, they will eventually wear out with continual use, but its possible to make them last much longer by following some simple tips:
  • Make sure you have enough shells so that you don't have to wash every shell you have every time you do diaper laundry.The number 1 thing that will prolong the life of your diapers is having enough so that each one doesn't get used every single day. The more you have, the longer all of them will last.  We recommend at least 12 Shells total, and more for younger babies, or twins. 
  • Never soak your shells (or if you do only soak them in water), never use vinegar or bleach and don't use the sanitize cycle if you have one. These things can severely degrade every part of your diaper, from the elastic to the fabric itself.Gentle care will prolong their life, sometimes by more than double.
  • Line dry your shells.  If you do use the dryer, never turn it up past medium heat unless you're doing the 15 minute sealing recommended when you first get your shells.  High heat in the dryer is the main reason for degraded velcro, and will also harm your bamboo Pods over time.  For best results, take the shells out halfway through the dryer cycle and let them air dry the rest of the way.  Because they contain no absorbent material, air drying wont take long and it will prevent a lot of wear and tear.
  • If line drying your shells outside, arrange them with the inside facing outwards to minimize sun bleaching.  This isn't harmful to the diaper but it can fade your fabric! Also, you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight for any bamboo products.